Wrong Room

Arklių g. 26, Vilnius

Live Quest Adventure.
Can you escape in 60 minutes?

Wrong Room is an adventure for team of 2 to 4 players. Imagination, attentiveness and some logic is what will make all the keys fit in all the locks and cause all of the puzzles to be solved.

60 minutes of funny time and team work to open the last one, the most important door!

Professor’s room

The first escape room in Lithuania. Mysterious codes in the atmosphere of 80’s.

Would be the best for the first try of escape games and live quests.

Difficulty level — beginner.

Age restrictions — under 14 years with parents only, above 14 — no restrictions.

Crazy kitchen

Don’t expect this one to be easy. The room has just a few decorations and most of the things at this kitchen work pretty uncommon. Try to find some unique solutions and maybe you will succeed.

Difficulty level — advanced.

Age restrictions — under 14 years with parents only, above 14 — no restrictions.

Party at “Jamaika”

Our second location is opening at April 2015.

Imagine the private party at realistic atmosphere. You wake up with hangover, but the door is locked. It won’t be easy to reestablish, what has happened.

Difficulty level — advanced.

Age restrictions — 18+

You can always purchase a gift for your friends in our office.

One certificate allows a group from 2 to 4 people visit any room once.

The certificate is valid as long as we exist, the price is €50.

We are opened every day from 12pm till 10 pm.

Price for a team (from 2 to 4 people):

Tuesday, Wednesday — €40
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday — €50

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
€50 €40 €50

Arklių g. 26, Vilnius

+370 672 54679

Franchise and cooperation: info@wrongroom.lt

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